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About China 2 West

If you are an enterprise in search for an all-inclusive solution for your manufacturing and supply chain requirements, trust the specialists in China to help manage all your needs.

Welcome to China 2 West!

We are your one stop solutions provider for all your product design, development and manufacturing needs. With our roots in the affordability driven, quality centric manufacturing sector of China, our team offers holistic services pertaining to all kinds of business functions including vendor management, quality manufacturing services, product development and auditing/inspection systems.

With access to a wide network of resources comprising of the best China manufacturers and suppliers, the team from China 2 West guarantees professionalism and credibility in every endeavour.

Being a British owned and managed China manufacturing solutions provider, we are able to offer a highly coveted amalgam of a stringent dedication to deliver quality from the West and the advantage of Chinese prices. C2W also offers a host of product/service sourcing solutions through a complex channel of suppliers, manufacturing companies in China and quality control experts to ensure clients are able to design, develop, produce and sell their branded goods without any hassled faced.

Our USPs lie in the ability to deliver supply solutions and China manufacturing services that match the quality standards of the west. To make this possible, we offer:

• Product design and development services

• Prototyping solutions including the latest 3D printing techniques.

• Supply chain management and logistics support in the country

• Quality control, verification, factory audit, certification and inspection systems

• Wide network of China manufacturing companies and service providers

• Affordable sourcing of raw material, products and services from reliable local vendors

• Market consultation and troubleshooting guidelines

• Team of educated and experienced, Mandarin speaking experts to support your market dealings

• Private label manufacturing and sourcing, tooling and mould creation support

With this surprising array of features and facilities, C2W helps clients in navigating the complex Chinese market and industrial sector with ease. If it is quality manufacturing services that you need, China 2 West is all you need to get your requirements sorted.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the C2W team today to kick start a new, more promising and growth oriented era for your business operations.

China 2 West –Quality Manufacturing Solutions