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10 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Supply Chain Management Company

By Jesus David Cano Romano
June 1, 2016
China 2 West

If you want to find a reliable and reputable wholesaler supplier in China, then work with a supply chain management, product development, and quality control company. At China2West we have over 10 years experience in the manufacturing hub of the world, and as a western owned business we have the knowledge needed for all parties in the contract.

Here are 10 reasons why China2West is the right choice for you

Clarity is something we value ourselves on, we can help you find a clear vision which you’ll need in order to successfully penetrate China’s market. It is important that everyone is heading in the same direction and we understand that consistency it key to success.

Honesty is the best policy. We have no hidden fees; we work with you and the suppliers honestly. Cultivating honest relationships is something we have years of experience in. We can always guarantee honest suppliers because they’re the only type we deal with.

Information and research is something we can help you with. If you have any doubts we are here to help, we won’t let you enter any contracts blindfolded.

Not understanding the difference between the Chinese culture and your own is a common mistake that is made but is something we excel at. From ‘dining etiquette’ to understanding ‘face’ in China we have the knowledge to help you establish the best relationships with your supplier.

Awareness of China’s diverse regions is essential. It is wrong to talk about China as a whole. Business in Beijing is different to Shanghai and you will face difficulties when trying to lump these two cities together. In China most businesses are local, so you need to be informed about the region and we can help you with that.

Western owned businesses are the best choices when it comes to working with a supply chain management company. They understand the needs of both parties involved and are on the ground every step of the way.

Establishing a relationship early on is essential in China. At China2West we have the means to enable strong communication links between you and your supplier. With a mixture of western and Chinese employees language is not a barrier you need to be concerned about.

Something that is often forgotten but not here at China to west is the role that the government plays in China. Despite the fact the government has been privatizing over the last few years, they’re obviously still interested in the success of Chinese businesses. This means that they want to maintain influence and control businesses.

The success of your manufacturing relies on the quality of the finished product. We have the quality control and quality assurances procedures down to a T at China2West and with our team in the factories overseeing the work we are always on the ball.