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3 Important Points to Consider Before Choosing China Inspection Services

By Jesus David Cano Romano
July 10, 2017

Outsourcing your manufacturing in China allows your company to take the advantage of the cheap skilled labor, affordable raw materials, and fully-equipped facilities available in the country’s local manufacturing hubs. Going for volume and low prices entail the risks of sacrificing quality—and that is why it is imperative that you conduct a range of quality checks to ensure that the resulting products adhere to the necessary specifications and meet all quality standards. Hiring an inspection company within the country itself guarantees that the product that comes out satisfies your expectations. Here are some points to consider when choosing in-country inspection services in China:

• Check if your prospective inspection service company has all the necessary qualifications and certifications to carry out the inspection procedures successfully. You can hire a company for a specific set of inspection services or an entire portfolio of checks depending on your specific needs. Licensed and certified companies are more capable of identifying problems and provide potential cost-effective solutions.

• Involve your inspection service company in different stages during the manufacturing process. You can engage an inspection service at the production stage to minimize defects during production. They should also be involved in shipping. After all, your products are no good if they do not make it to your customer in good condition. Set your supervision team to task and have them monitor ship out and container loading, to make sure that your products make it safe to your customers.

• Sending your own auditors overseas might prove to be a costly compared to having local auditor on hand to do the work for you. If you are working with a reliable local sourcing company in China, you can ask them if they have a tie up with an inspection company or if they can do the audit themselves. This can save you a considerable amount of time, effort and money.