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3 PEAKS 1 WEEK: Facing the Mountain

Many mountaineers have tried to summit these three peaks, many have turned back, some have been injured and a daring few have conquered the mountain.

Breath Taking Views

The most acute difficulty the guys will face out on the mountain will be the effects of altitude sickness. Symptoms of nausea, vomiting, fatigue, headache, nosebleeds and can be as serious as Pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs) occur at 2,400 meters (8,000 ft). When the brain is starved of oxygen due to the thinning of the atmosphere, this deficit can lead to bouts of depression and anxiety, making the assent both mentally and physically exhausting and to some intolerable.

The only cure is to rapidly descend the mountain, and the urge to do so has forced many mountaineers to turn back around, dashing countless ambitions. On the other hand, too rapid a decent can flood the brain with 02 causing euphoria, and can in extreme circumstances lead to psychosis, where climbers have reported that their emotions are so impaired, they had lost contact with reality.

Fully Charged

The dangers of the climb are not only confined to the environment, the other peril of summiting a peak is the threat of getting lost, especially dangerous at night, when even clearly laid out trails can become almost useless.

Almost all the electronic equipment the modern mountaineer will take up to the summit, head torches, phones and especially camera is vital to any successful trip. What’s the use of climbing 3,000 meters if you reach the peak and the camera is out of charge? Stuck, unable to capture the moment of glory, only hold it as a fleeting memory?

To combat this threat, the Guys will be taking the SOUL™ Solar Scroll- Portable Solar Charger, out on the mountain. The Blaze is powered by a flexible CIGS solar panel connected to a universal power charger and flashlight. So, wherever the Guys find themselves there will always be a secure power source on hand, even on an overcast day. The benefit of the blaze is that I can be charged on the go, no more pre-charging external batteries at the airport or hostel, vital time saved for the Guys attempting the challenge in under a week.

Always Expect the Unexpected

However, not all risks can be so easily overcome, especially climbing three volcanos. The numerous trials and tribulations that the guys will incur are what will make this truly an epic challenge and to complete the ‘3 Peaks’ challenge in under a week will only add to the pressure.

But, with their tried and tested equipment and veteran local guides, we’re confident they’ll pull through and reach all three summits. Fingers crossed the mountains will stay dormant while the guys are out on the challenge.  But this is an area of intense seismic activity, so this challenge will inevitably involve a certain amount of risk…

 “Mountains are not fair or unfair, they are just dangerous”

– Reinhold Messner


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