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4 Important Tips for Outsourcing Manufacturing to China

By Jesus David Cano Romano
December 1, 2017
Important Tips for Outsourcing Manufacturing to China

The world believes that the Chinese market is fraught with iffy manufacturing quality, which is not the truth. Chinese manufacturers are extremely specifications-oriented – they will manufacture what you specify; nothing less, nothing more. If there is an error in your design, there will be an error in the product. If you are a company who is considering outsourcing manufacturing to China, there are certain things you need to consider. Here are a few important tips for outsourcing manufacturing to China.

Tip #1: Language

Asian countries are not yet given to learning foreign languages if they don’t have to. If you are considering outsourcing manufacturing to China, make sure the company you are talking to can spare an interpreter for all your communications. Your business simply cannot bank on speaking in signs or with limited vocabulary – it wastes time.

Tip #2: Errors

Chinese manufacturers believe in delivering goods on time, which often translates into them not having enough time to review the design for possible errors. If you are outsourcing to China, make sure the designs you send them are error-free and approved. What you give to them is what you will get.

Tip #3: Clarity

It is necessary for you to be clear on the terms and conditions of initial production, confidentiality, ownership and other aspects of doing business in good faith with Chinese manufacturers. What is not on the contract will not be executed.

Tip #4: Variations

Sometimes you may encounter design changes mid-production. Make sure the manufacturer you choose is willing to make the changes required without wasting more time or material in manufacturing.

Keep the above tips in mind while outsourcing manufacturing to Chinese companies.