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5 Ways to Measure Manufacturer Performance

By Jesus David Cano Romano
May 9, 2016
Measuring Manufacturer Performance

Finding the right manufacturer is important. As each business is individualistic it can be hard to find the best fit. There are 5 main measures of performance you can use in order to successfully find the manufacturer that coherently matches the performance of your business.


Every input needs to be of high quality or the output produced will be insufficient for purpose. Quality needs to be consistent throughout all areas of their operations. Effective quality control procedures need to be implemented to ensure that quality is maintained and never overlooked.


The products need to perform consistently for an adequate length of time so a manufacturer who can create prototypes to ensure that what has been agreed can be done is essential. This reduces the likelihood of risks meaning time to market is shortened. The dependability of your manufacture will correlate with the dependability customers have on you for a reliable service.


Cost may be your unique selling point. However don’t let it reflect quality. Sometimes spending a little more can create bigger profit margins in the long run. You may sell a lower variety of products so a manufacturer who can produce a larger volume leading to a lower unit cost may be necessary in order to pass the cost saving onto your consumers.


A manufacturer with matching flexibility traits may be required due to your products varying levels of quality and design specifications. Businesses may also need to adapt its products to match changing delivery schedules, production volumes, and personalisation requirements so manufacturer performance may need to fit these organisational needs too.


Consumer habits are always changing meaning businesses need to be proactive when it comes to manufacturing. Choose a manufacturer with great communication skills who can adapt quickly to keep up with these changing trends and future product developments. This will allow you to get ahead in the industry.

Or perhaps it is a mix of all the above. At China2West we have the specialism to help you find the best manufacturer to aid your organisational performance.