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Prototyping Manufacturers in China

By Bryn Butler
June 8, 2018

Tips to Choose the Best Rapid Prototyping Manufacturers in China

Choosing a rapid prototyping contract manufacturer shouldn’t be difficult if you know what to look for in a good partnership. The key to a good working relationship with a Chinese rapid prototyping manufacturer is finding one that best fits your requirements as well as your company’s culture. Here are some tips to follow as you seek out the best                      prototyping manufacturers in China:

  • Certifications – Look for a company that has the types and levels of certifications that meet the need of your upcoming project. When outsourcing to foreign companies, ISO compliance is a good place to start, as this pretty much ensures that the company has a quality system that is on par with international standards.

  • Recommendations – Ask for sound recommendations from experts and people that you know can be trusted with judgments about these kinds of decisions. It might be a good idea to invest in a sourcing agent who can provide you with comprehensive manufacturing solutions and who specializes in Chinese companies, so you can receive sound counsel as you seek out the best rapid prototyping manufacturer to partner with on your project.

  • Quick responses – Watch out for companies that cannot provide prompt answers to your queries and requests. The way that a potential manufacturer accommodates your initial queries says a lot about the quality of service you stand to receive from them. The swifter they can provide answers to your requests, the more likely they will be able to provide prompt service should you decide to hire them as manufacturing partners.

  • Capabilities – Choose a company with enough experience and capability to handle your current and future requirements. Sometimes, you may need more than basic prototyping services, and want a single point of contact for all your manufacturing requirements. It pays to look around for companies that provide a full range of services to meet your current and future manufacturing needs.