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8 tips for Outsourcing Manufacture Successfully

By Jesus David Cano Romano
October 12, 2015
Workers labor to produce canned tangerine to be exported at the Huangyan No 1 Canned Food Factory in Huangyan, eastern China's Zhejiang province Wednesday Dec. 12, 2007. China has taken a series of steps to crack down on tainted and unsafe products after various foods, medicines and other items ranging from toothpaste to seafood were found to contain potentially deadly substances.  (AP Photo) ** CHINA OUT **

You’ve developed a new product and after searching for the most suitable manufacturing partner you’ve found the one who fits all your needs, but you need to be aware of some points. Here are 8 tips for making your outsourcing experience as smooth as possible.

1) Seek for an agreement: Outsourcing manufacture requires commitment from both parts, by signing an agreement you can be sure that you and your manufacturing partner are on the same page.

2) Review the payment terms before starting the production so you can be sure about when and how much to pay in which stages of the process, and also gives you certainty that the whole production will be made under the given terms.

3) Establish an agree with your manufacturing partner a timeline for the completion of the project.

4) Establish a non disclosure agreement for avoiding any kind of harms related to counterfeit or misuse of your confidential information related to you and your product.

5) Determine how will you receive project updates.

6) Establish an adequate Quality Control regime prior and during the manufacturing process to ensure the product will be manufactured according to you quality needs and standards, and also to agree on how to fix the potential issues that can appear on the process.

7) Check for references and check previous work of you manufacturing partner so you can be sure what he is capable to do in terms of quality of production, and conduct a Social Compliance Audit ensuring that the manufacturing company whom you are dealing with is maintaining social rights.

8) Make sure there are no communication gaps, so you can be aware at all times of the status of your production and be able to solve any potential issues.

Outsourcing manufacture specially in China has become easier has the years pass by but if not taken in consideration all the previous tips the production can result into a manufacturing nightmare.

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