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9 facts to know about China Manufacturing

The US is the top trading partner for China, the trade volume in 2014 reached USD 237,263,503,000, the exports from China to the US represent 17% of the total overpassing by almost 3 times the amount of trade with the second partner Japan which represents only 6.5% of the total.

Here we review 9 facts that will surprise you abut China Manufacturing and its relation to the U.S.:
1) Average hourly compensation for a Chinese manufacturing employee $1.74
2) Percent of China labour force in manufacturing 13 % approx 99,250,00 jobs (793,307,655 total work force)
3) Percent of worlds umbrellas made in China 70 %
4) Percent of worlds buttons made in China 60 %
5) Percent of Chinese goods sent to the U.S. that go to Wal-Mart 9 %
6) Percent of U.S. shoes made in China 72 %
7) Percent of U.S. artificial Christmas lights made in China 85 %
8) Percent of U.S. kitchen appliances made in China 48 %
9) Percent of U.S. toys made in China 49 %


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