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Basic Research for Finding Manufacturing Solutions in China

By Jesus David Cano Romano
September 9, 2016
Finding Manufacturing Solutions in China

Low cost manufacturing of products is possible only by sourcing it from other countries. There are many points that determine which country would be the best option for your business. Some of the key deciding factors would be affordable raw materials, skilled labor and established manufacturing services.

Among the many countries around the world, China has been a leader in providing manufacturing solutions for quite some years now, and you can do well to find a manufacturing solutions company for your needs in the country.

Unfortunately, this task is somewhat challenging as China is a hub of manufacturing solutions. As such, it may be somewhat difficult to choose one manufacturer from among the many others in the country. However, you can do some basic research on the various firms that provide the services you need and get to the manufacturing company that you want to work with.

Here are a few places to search for companies offering manufacturing solutions in China:

Trade Associations. Check with your industry specific trade association for recommendations. They will have a list of established Chinese manufacturing solutions companies that you can consider doing business with

Online Directories. The Internet is full of information for you to peruse. Check online directories for manufacturers in China. Make a list of companies you are interested in and then search more about them to find out their credibility and ability

Trade Shows. Visit international trade shows to interact with Chinese manufacturers. Check out exhibitors dealing with products from your niche segment

Personal Network. Take personal recommendations from your online and offline contacts or networking groups. Ask them to introduce you to others who are doing the same business. The recommendations will be trustworthy, and you will have a few companies to start with

Once you have a list of manufacturing services companies, you can narrow down your options. These tips can help you find the company you can do business with:


• Consider the manufacturing companies dealing with products similar to yours. A company who deals with multiple types of products may not be able to offer the kind of quality you are looking for. Go for the company that specializes in the product you want to get manufactured

• Focus on the companies who do business with organizations from your country. They will be aware of the country-specific standards for the product. Chinese companies dealing with American or European clients have higher quality standards

• Check out online ratings and reviews of these companies to see what their customers are saying about them. A lot of forums are available where customers share their honest opinions. In case you find good reviews on a company, you can add them to / keep them on the list. Cross off the ones with more negative ratings and reviews

• Once you have narrowed down the list to a few names, ask to see their business license, quality control procedures, related certifications, etc. You can also make a decision based on how well all of your criteria are met by the manufacturing services company


Once the whole process is complete, sourcing your manufacturing from China will be the best thing to have ever happened to your business. You can also hire sourcing companies to find a manufacturing solutions company for you. Either way, it will mitigate risk, increase profit and reduce production costs and also free up your time to focus on the growth of your business.