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Benefits of Quality Control Checks in the U.S.

By Bryn Butler
June 7, 2018
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Quality Control Inspection Services in the U.S.

Quality control inspection services are critical components of any manufacturing cycle, without which, the quality standards of a finished product may suffer. As more and more importers switch focus from standard quality control inspections to enhancing key suppliers, many wonder about the real value of quality inspections in this day and age of modern manufacturing.

Below are practical insights to think about when weighing the benefits and value of quality control inspection services in the US:

QC Inspection

  • The benefits of QC inspection are largely dependent on the type of inspection being performed. Judgment inspections, for instance, are made to prevent the shipment of defective product batches. In a judgment inspection, an inspector will quantify and sort out defects. This kind of inspection is typically conducted after all stages of production is complete, thus serving as the final stage of manufacturing. The main benefit of a judgment inspection is preventing defective products from reaching buyers/customers, although it doesn’t necessarily reduce the product’s defect rate.

Informative Inspection

  • An informative inspection, on the other hand, enables the implementation of possible corrective actions in order to fix defects. An informative inspection is conducted to help investigate the source of the defect/defect, feed this information back to processing, and to implement corrective actions in order to reduce production’s defect rate.

Source Inspection

  • Another level of quality inspection is known as source inspection. This deeper-level quality control service helps prevent defects from ever appearing during different stages of the production process. Source inspections work on processes to make sure that errors are prevented whenever possible as well as catch them before they can cause defects.

Quality Inspection

  • Quality inspection is a critical aspect of product manufacturing and sourcing as they help catch problems early into the production process, thus reducing the probability of issues and problems that add to the cost of product production and sometimes even delay product delivery.