Chinese New Year 2017
  • January 3, 2017
    Doing business in China is easier as the days go by, but it's important to understand some cultural differences about business are conducted in China. Chinese culture is deeply embedded in the business arena so having a good understanding of the holidays will give you an advantage. China has two ... Read More
  • holidays-in-china-2017
    January 1, 2017
    If you have already business or you're planning to start manufacturing in China, is important that you take note of the Chinese holidays to avoid any delays in your production and ensure your good will be at your destination market in time. China has two major holiday breaks during the year: the S ... Read More
  • December 16, 2016
    Outsourcing product services from China has immense benefits in addition to the obvious ones such as the huge gross margin. Many companies outsource because they want to save costs or to focus more on the core business operations as it saves them a lot of time, effort, and money. However, any busin ... Read More