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C2W Employee Spotlight April 2015-Joey Chen


Joey is a highly talented electronics engineer, graduated from Shaoguan University, that joined China 2 West in the fall of 2012. Since joining C2W Joey has brought a wealth of professional knowledge gained through his vast experience in the field making him our in house electronics expert.


Discover more about Joey in our C2W Q&A:

Q: Please tell us a bit about yourself


My name is Joey, I’m Cantonese, originally from Guangzhou, Guandong’s province major city, and I am an electronics project engineer here at China 2 West.

I graduated from Shaoguan University majoring in electronics information and technology. I specialized in electronic circuits, computer language, physics and MCU programming. When I was in high school I found my passion for electronic design which led me to study electronics information and technology. To be honest before I started my degree I didn’t know much about it, I just had this deep rooted interest to learn about them. Looking back, it has turned out to be very good for a career choice as I really love my job.



I have a wide variety of projects here at China 2 West; I manage all electronic projects that come into C2W. This means that two days are never the same and I am always learning something new, which makes the day to day job an interesting and very exciting journey. From quality control, shipping arrangement and after sales service I am part of all the steps from the beginning right to the end of electronic manufacturing. I often have to travel for my work visiting manufactures to ensure that the standards we expect here at China2West’s are kept within the production. This keeps me connected with manufactures and allows me to be update on the advances within electronics manufacturing. But what I really love about electronic design is that feeling when you finish a new design and you are able to create something new.


Q: What do you like the most about working in C2W?


I have been working for China2West for nearly three years now and hopefully will be for a long time in the future. What I like about working for China2West is that you have the freedom to manage your own workload. This freedom allows me to manage my work so I can be as efficient as possible. China2West also has employees from all around the world meaning you can also work together with people from different cultures and backgrounds, which I think creates a really positive working environment.


Q: When you’re not on duty which are activities during your leisure time?


When I am out of the office I like to play sports especially badminton. There are many places to play badminton here in Zhuhai so I often play in a team with my friends. When I am not playing badminton I like to travel as much as I can around the world.


If you’d like to Experience how is to work in C2W, check our current openings and internship program to become part of the C2W family .