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China Outsourcing Market Size Statistics [Report]

By Jesus David Cano Romano
August 3, 2015

China is successful in the outsourcing market whereas many countries were interested in the outsourcing with Chinese manufacturers. It has developed various initiatives for the development of training and education which supports the infrastructure. China was building a best outsourcing industry which has strong credentials. Many analysts had surveyed on the outsourcing industry of China which was going to skyrocket in the future too.

The offshore engineering in China was expected to grow from 10 billion to the 15 billion in the market when we reach 2020 year. The outsourcing market in china was account with a one trillion dollars global market in the outsourcing industry. According to the 2007 year reports, the outsourcing market in china was crossed the 16 billion with the information Technology outsourcing with the various process including the BPO which had exceeded towards the 10 million dollars. The China has raised the revenue more than 40 percent more than the previous year according to the 2007 year reports.

During the year 2010, the Chinese outsourcing market had hitted more than 6 billion dollars with a rise of 23 percent growth in the industry. The improvements in the various infrastructures in the china have supported the outsourcing industry and even the interest rates were also favours the exporting countries on the software services too. The software business priority and maintenance of strict quality measures and inspections is also a must known factor from the China behind its growth as a powerful outsourcing industry.