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China Wholesale Distributors – Finding a Reliable Distributor

By Swati Tiwari
April 6, 2016

China presents a huge market opportunity for any business seeking to tap its large population. With a population of over 1.3 billion, the country can sustain any business and help turn even a small firm into an industry leader within a few years. The key is to understand and evaluate the present condition of the market in an effective way. Not many people are aware that despite its perceived homogenous culture, China is made of different groups of people and sub-cultures. Each region has its own (unique) history and culture and prides itself in its age-old traditions. Knowing these local culture and customs; helps companies to plan their strategies better and sell more products.

The starting point would be to find reliable wholesale distributors who can market the products to the retailers and eventually to the right consumers. Here is a quick look at how to find a reliable wholesale distributor in China.

Use local help

Many service firms specialize in finding the right wholesale distributors. They have the expertise in various industries, geographies and end-markets, and can work with you to find the distributors you need. With the business processes in China tending to favor long-term relationships, these service providers – who already are in touch with various local distributors – can help you gain the confidence of these business partners and allow you to sell your product quickly

Know the market

Spend some time knowing the country and understand what people want. For instance, if you sell boat parts, then finding distributors near the larger seaports or inland ports that use the type of products you sell will help you reach the consumer more easily. Also, some of your competitors may already be selling in a particular geography. In such cases, finding distributors in markets or provinces where the competition has a minimal presence will help

Ask about the wholesalers’ capabilities

Some wholesalers provide end-to-end services, from taking the bulk items or containers from the factory or port to their own warehouses. However, some may not offer this service and you may have to handle this part of the logistics yourself. Also, ask about their market presence. Some may have their own set of retailers to whom they sell while others may not distribute the goods in areas where you think your products will sell better. Knowing these small details will help you choose the right distributor for your business

China can be a tough market to crack if you do not have the right contacts. And that is why it may be a better option to use a local service firm that can help you find the reliable wholesale distributor to sell your products in China.