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China Wholesale Suppliers – 4 Warning Signs That Your Wholesale Supplier is Conning You

By Jesus David Cano Romano
May 23, 2016
Warning Signs

China wholesale suppliers have changed the game of manufacturing and wholesale trade. If you are looking to get materials and products from China, it’s important to be very careful so that you don’t end up with a wholesale supplier who will con you out of your money. Here are 4 warning signs to watch out for:


  • Dubiously low prices – Shop around and contact other wholesale suppliers to find out what the average reasonable price is. Don’t be fooled by fraudulent transactions masquerading as excellent deals.

  • Lack of transparency – If the wholesale supplier does not offer any answers to your questions about where they get their products, where their machinery is from, or what their standard operating procedures are, be wary. The supplier might be cutting corners—or worse, they might be failing to adhere to the quality control standards.

  • No customer service – Fly-by-night wholesale suppliers typically do not offer customer service. They don’t need to take care of you as a customer because they are only after your money. Reputable wholesale suppliers will want to build a relationship with you as well as their other customers. They take pride in taking care of their customers to show that they are interested in a long-term partnership. Some of the best wholesalers even provide special consultation and troubleshooting experts to help out their clients.

  • Questionable background or clients – You should always do a background check to find out more about the wholesale supplier you are working with. If something doesn’t seem right, trust your gut and walk away. Request a list of other clients they have worked for or currently cater to. Make sure the clients listed are legitimate and are actual, operational businesses.


If you want to find reliable and reputable wholesale suppliers in China, then work with a supply chain management, product development, and quality control company. The best companies are Western owned and managed, and have been trading for over a decade.