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China Manufacturing – China’s Top 10 Exports

By Jesus David Cano Romano
May 27, 2016
export cargo ship

According to WTE, exports in China amounted to US$2.82 trillion in 2015. Its top 10 exporting industries contributed US$1.543 trillion which accounted for 67.6% of China’s total yearly exports. In retrospective of its population these figures correlate to near enough US$1,669 for every citizen. In economic terms, China’s overall export value accounted for 11.7% of its Gross Domestic Product.

Shown below are the culprit industries and major companies in those industries that are behind China’s top 10 exports:

1 . The exportation of Electronic equipment accounted for US$600.3 billion of the total amount. Dongfang Electric was the biggest contributor and placed 1614 in Forbes top 2000 global companies with total sales amounting to US$6.3 billion.

2. Exports of Machinery accounted for US$364.5 billion. Gree Electric was the biggest contributor and placed 385 in Forbes top 2000 global companies with total sales of US$ 21.2 billion.

3. Furniture accounted for US$98.7 billion of total exports in China. The Mideada Group; who placed 436 in Forbes top 2000 global companies accumulated US$22.9 billion in sales.

4. Knit/Crochet Clothing contributed US$83.8 billion towards total global exports In China.

5. Other Clothing exports contributed US$78.5 billion towards the total US$2.282 trillion exported.

6. Medical and Pharmaceuticals goods contributed US$73.8 billion. The Sinophram Group placed 726 in Forbes rankings with total sales of US$32.5 billion.

7. Exports of Plastics in China totalled US$65.8 billion.

8. Vehicle exportation totalled US$62.7 billion. The biggest contributor was SAIC Motors who ranked 130 in Forbes top 2000 companies with sales of US$99.5 billion.

9. Iron and Steel was the penultimate exporting industry accounting for US$60.6 billion. Baoshan Iron and Steel ranked 402 and reached US$30.4 billion in sales.

10. The Footwear industry contributed US$53.6 billion. Heilan Home which ranked 1807 in Forbes top 2000 global companies accumulated US$2 billion in sales.

China is the biggest manufacturing hub in the world and with numbers like these it’s no surprise. China2West is a western owned and managed Manufacturing & Vendor Management, Quality Control and Product Development Company based in mainland China, and with over 10 years experience we are here to ease your manufacturing and sourcing processes.