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Company Information

China 2 West Services Ltd. was founded on 14th July 2005 in HK, registered number 983262. The WOFE manufacturing company in Zhuhai, Guangdong, South China was opened on 27th August 2008, registered number 440400400021823.

China 2 West is a British owned and managed product design, development and manufacturing organisation with offices in the UK, US, Bahamas, Canada, Croatia and our headquarters based in China. Our core capabilities lie in delivering a complete supply solution for Chinese manufactured products to be suitable for Western markets. Our uniqueness is being able to offer solutions from any point in the development chain including those that are just a mere concept.

We have helped 100s UK and US companies to move their production to China with the minimum of disruption to their business and helped those already here in improving quality, efficiency and their price.

With a large team of engineers in many different technical fields we are confident that most no product is out of the range of our capabilities.

From CAD design work and R&D, through prototyping, tooling and manufacturing, China 2 West has it all covered. Our Quality Assurance team will draft a specific quality assurance and production plan for each project. These plans will be followed closely by our supervising quality engineers in our various sub-contractor factories at key points during production.

As for logistics we have great flexibility with our ability to store in our warehouse, consolidate and/or drop ship.

China 2 West engineers can also be hired by daily rate for factory audits, production supervision or PSI’s (Pre shipping inspections).

Our corporate slogan; “Western Service, China Price” ensures that all of our customers’ needs come first and at the most competitive prices.

Message from the Directors

mj MC


“When you use China 2 West, you will get the highest quality service, support and advice. You will always receive information in a timely and truthful fashion – we are straight talkers and we solve problems. Our aim in business is to build long term, trusting and ‘win-win’ relationships.

If this sounds different to what you have heard about doing business in China, then that’s because it is. Close supervision and regular guidance is almost always the solution to a successful project in China.

We hear the horror stories every day and are often called in to correct disasters that should have never occurred. Don’t get us wrong, we love China and there are many great factories and terrific people, but their market has developed faster than their education or their culture can cope with. We are here to bridge that gap.”

Meet our Executive Team