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CTC Visit to Pingsha & Donation to Underprivileged Students – November 2015

Wednesday 18th November was a happy and emotional day. CTC Members Mark, Sunny, Luke and Paul joined CPAZ, local media and company representatives from C2W, InternChina and Delta Bridges on a trip to the Experimental Primary School of Pingsha town in Doumen District, Zhuhai.


The 2015 Total Donation to underprivileged students and orphans in Pingsha for education purposes was an incredible RMB 90,750. The money raised will be used to help orphans and the less fortunate students whose families either have financial and, or health difficulties, to afford the school materials (books, backpacks, stationary, dictionaries, etc) and for their transportation bus fees to school and back home.


The ceremony began with speeches by CPAZ President Mr. Chen Ying, CTC Founding Member Mark Clayton and Experimental Primary School of Pingsha Headmaster.


Mark Clayton delivered a speech to the students and all in attendance and gave his view on the matter, “Children are the main reason we started this charity program. Everything revolves around what children do with their future, so it is imperative we help now”.


After speeches from all the leaders of each group in attendance, CTC members donated 99 sets of stationary and provided the total financial aid of RMB 90,750 to the students who are struck by extreme poverty.


The ceremony finished and was followed by visits to the homes of 9 students and their families or guardian to try and gain an understanding of the hardships these students face day-in day-out. Personally visiting the homes was a real ‘eye-opener’ for all involved as it gave a direct and more intimate realisation of how serious the situation is in these poverty stricken areas of Zhuhai.

Sunny Sui from the CTC spoke of the foreigners who are helping fight poverty and the financial struggles of the children in Zhuhai, “Of most foreigners living in Zhuhai, a great number of them hope to be volunteers to improve the skills of these children through teaching them music lessons and other classes. Children are lovely and adorable and we just hope to do our best to help them by catering for their needs”.

CTC was founded by foreigners who are living and working in Zhuhai. These members of CTC have witnessed the incredible deprivation that cripples these children and stops them from moving forward in life. So the aim of CTC and CPAZ is to raise funding for the groups of people in need and this is mostly done with an annual charity music festival named Come Together.

Aside from the Foreign Aid Donations on the 18th November 2015, The 4th Come Together Charity Music Festival 2015, held on the 12th September 2015 in Beishan, raised a staggering RMB 300,002.98 to help students with financial struggles and children from the Autism Society in Zhuhai.

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