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Difference between ODM and OEM

By Jesus David Cano Romano
September 28, 2015

OEM and ODM are the words that can be often come forward in the manufacturing terms. These words are related to the manufacturing industry. The OEM was abbreviated as Original equipment Manufacturer and the ODM was called as a Original Design Manufacturer. Both are different from one another. The OEM was provided by the designs from the buyers whereas the ODM take care of all specifications required along with the designing. by knowing the differences between these manufacturing industrial types, one can get good understanding in choosing a right manufacturer for their business.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

The OEM allows the buyers to submit their own unique designing of the products or material to be manufactured. Many companies create a unique designing of the product and it cannot be out until you choose a right manufacturing company to process the designing. So, these OEM companies helps the companies to implement their own design exactly what they expect from them.

Original Design Manufacturer

In this type of manufacturing industry, the manufacturer is requested to design the product and other specification that are related to the products. The companies must choose the right ODM industries for the best outcome from the manufacturers. These types of companies can be very helpful for the people who don’t have the better resources for the product designing and building of the products. So, they can approach the ODM companies to develop the product concepts along with the better testing and the manufacturing process in an efficient way.

Both these manufacturing industries have some limited technology. They work in various types of industries on different models and designing processes for the buyers from overseas. Today, China is at the top place across the globe in OEM and ODM type of manufacturing industries.