Employee Spotlight

The C2W team is formed by a group of people from different backgrounds and education fields, but with the same goal in mind make their best in order to offer you the best solutions in Product Development and Quality Manufacturing Solutions in China, meet some of our talented team members.


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C2W Employee Spotlight March 2015- Oscar Gao

  Oscar has over a decade of working experience as a manufacturing engineer and has brought his wide ranging experience in all stages of the manufacturing cycle to the C2W team. Oscar's deep knowledge of the Chinese manufacturing industry and his practical know-how of shop-floor management make him a valuable asset as the C2W Engineer Team Leader. Oscar and his team assure the best ... Read More

C2W Employee Spotlight February 2015- Champ Chen

Champ is a passionate, talented and hardworking member of C2W, his broad experience on a variety of fields of the manufacturing process has given him a thorough understanding of the commercial and manufacturing cycle, making him capable of undertaking almost any challenging project to its successful completion, having joined C2W almost 8 years ago, Champ is a valuable asset of the C2W Team. ... Read More

C2W Employee Spotlight January 2015- Ruary Hewson

  Ruary is a Product Design Engineer graduated from Leeds University joined China 2 West in the fall of 2012. His prior experience in various other fields such as Director of Logistics and Supply for the Web of Hope Charity in Sri Lanka, and other creative ventures such as being a Chef and his deep love of making music, give him a rounded understanding of both the practical and ethereal ... Read More