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Guangdong Province Faces GDP Growth as a Result of Advanced Manufacturing

By Jesus David Cano Romano
November 20, 2017
GDP Growth

In the southeast of China, Guangdong province has continually faced rapid GDP growth and many experts are attributing it to advances in manufacturing. In the first three quarters of 2017, the GDP of Guangdong reached $977.5 billion USD. This is a growth of 7.6 percent since last year, a figure that is far above the country’s average. The acceleration of GDP growth in Guangdong is also going up, year after year the GDP is increasing more and more. The percentage of China’s total GDP that comes from Guangdong is also rising, with the region currently comprising 10.6 percent of total GDP.

Xiao Yaofei, a professor with The School of Economics and Trade at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, says that industrial upgrading is responsible for the sustained development that the Gauangdong province has seen. Manufacturing equipment is one of the areas that this region has invested heavily in, allowing for more advanced manufacturing processes. The Pearl River Delta is said to be the best area in the world for manufacturing home appliances as well as smartphone products. The advantage in other area is also evident, as many of the biggest companies in the world have turned to this region for manufacturing.

These reasons clearly illustrate the dominance that Guangdong has when it comes to manufacturing, in addition to being in the country that has led manufacturing for the last twenty years. Infrastructure channels are also very developed in the region, with material sourcing easy to do and product transportation a breeze. The technological knowledge that factories have in this zone is also very cutting-edge. Gaining access to many of the factories that are leading the pack in innovation is recommended for product sourcing. We are happy to assist in the process and showcase the many different factories that we have contact with.