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Guide to Sourcing in China by Matt Ward

Sourcing in China Podcast by Matt Ward


A Podcast by Matt Ward describing his experience of sourcing in China for his Shido product stand. The difficulties and challenges that he had to overcome to successively create his product in China.

Some of Matt’s key points


1. Manufactures seem to want to screw you and make as much money as they can off you. You should try to do the same to be able to get a good deal. However the relationship needs to be a win win so that it is in the interest of both agents to be in the partnership.

2. If you cannot be in China sourcing agent are highly recommended boots on the ground and are key to be able have a successful manufacturing process in China. Being on the ground you will see a large amount of saved money and hassled from time zones and shipping costs of prototypes.

3. Try to go out and meet new people, to be able to network see what is offered by the many. It is crucial to create good relationships with all people involved in the business. Expect no English or other foreigners; however Matt likes this scenario as you are pushed to be to make it work in China. If you are thinking of coming over with a family you must expect it to be very difficult.

4. Get all your affairs in order before heading to China, you have to go out there with a set plan in action and know which goals that you need to complete while you will be based in China.

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