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Guidelines to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Right Prototype Manufacturer in China

By Jesus David Cano Romano
May 15, 2017
Prototype Manufacturer in China

Some entrepreneurs overlook the importance of building a prototype because of the expensive costs of creating one. More often than not, creating a model is seen as a waste of money, time, and energy instead of a valuable and necessary step that can actually save millions in the end. Choosing a prototype manufacturer is another hurdle altogether, but by keeping these guidelines in mind you will be good to go. Here are some things you need to know when picking a manufacturer in China:

Background Check

Securing business deals with another company or an outsourced contractor must always involve thoroughly researching and vetting information. Research and looking for companies online is now easier with the internet, but as everyone says, do not always believe what you see online. Overseas phone calls to local government agencies such as the AIC or the Administration for Industry and Commerce (which provides local registrations for businesses that can be accessed online) are simple, easy steps that can make or break your partnership.

Equipment and Skills

Are they ready to undertake your prototype? Do they have the proper tools and expertise to produce your model in the way that you want? The best prototype manufacturer in China don’t just have 3D printers—they also have injection molding and other machineries that can create a reliable prototype, such as silicone, clay or rubber molding machines. They also offer rapid prototyping which is just as reliable, consumes the least amount of time to create, and minimizes risk and waste to maximize your profit.


The key to a solid partnership is transparency, and the best prototype manufacturer in China offers that and more. It takes a lot of trust to enter a deal with a company overseas whose daily operations you cannot inspect daily or see on a regular basis. To ensure that your prototype is well under way or literally on its way to you, they will provide regular updates for your perusal.