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How to find the right product manufacturer in China- 5 tips

China counts as the top destination for any type of product sourcing. With thousands of factories and decades of manufacturing experience it brings great advantages to any business to source from China. However there are risks and many mistakes that shouldn’t be ignored. Since much sourcing happens online, there’s a chance of being scammed by product manufacturer in China.

The crucial point that often decides between success and failure, is finding the right supplier for your product. It’s essential to have a reputable factory on your side, that meet your expectations and quality standards. Finding the right product manufacturer in China can be tough and shouldn’t be underestimated. Here are 5 tips to succeed:


  • Know the market


In general, a very important part of product sourcing is doing research. You should know the market, its competitors, threats and opportunities. The manufacturing company can’t help you finding the right product for your business model. So before you’re contacting any factory: have a clear strategy and know what you want.


  • Specify your product as precise as possible


You should have a detailed plan about how the product should look like. There are thousands of products which are often times only different in the slightest detail. Know what’s important to you and what standards should be met to cut down the amount of possible product manufacturer in China.


  • Look for specifications


Once you’ve come down to a manageable amount of suppliers, look for detailed information about the supplier. How much is the minimum order quantity, what other products are they manufacturing, who have they been working with before- those are questions that help you finding the factory that suits the best.


  • Always question information on the internet


The internet is a great tool for finding a product manufacturer in China, but only if used carefully. There are many people who’re taking advantage of unaware businesses and scams are waiting for you around every corner. The problem is that sourcing online platforms don’t have any procedures to qualify a supplier as legitimate or not.


  • Don’t focus on price


A guarantee for failure is focusing on price only. The rule of thumb: if the price is too good to be true, it’s probably not true. Be aware of the market price of your product, so whenever you find a provider with unrealistic low prices, be careful. Sometimes there are hidden costs for you or the manufacturer simply saves the money by decreasing quality.

Sometimes it can be useful to include an agency that looks for the right manufacturer on your behalf. They know the pitfalls, have more experience in working with suppliers and often times already have a network of reputable factories. For more information about China 2 West, visit our Services.

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