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How to Hire a Sourcing Agent in China

By Jesus David Cano Romano
May 22, 2017
Sourcing Agent in China

Hiring a sourcing agent in China is not easy, but it is certainly worth the effort in the long run. A reliable sourcing agent can be a long-term partner that can help you grow your business exponentially. Here are a few tips on what you need to look for when hiring a sourcing agent in China:

• Not everyone may agree, but the history of a company matters. If there have been any issues or a lot of negative feedback from previous customers about defects, delays, or other problems when dealing with a certain company, then its best to take your business elsewhere. The best companies have over a decade of experience in the trading industry and have long been dealing with clients from all over the world. European and American clients tend to have high standards. If they have catered to such customers in the past, then they are aware of the quality they need to match and can deliver.

• If you don’t know how to fluently speak Mandarin, or no one in your company can, then hire a translator who is fluent in Mandarin (and other Chinese dialects if possible). This is just to safeguard you from entering any deal (even a handshake deal) without knowing the full details.

• Speaking of deals, have a written contract. Every businessman knows this, but many still fall into the trap of verbal contracts. Don’t make the same mistake. You should hire an agent or a sourcing company that values transparency and trust. Not only will they update you regularly—they will honor your agreements and give you optimum results.

• How much do you need, and can they give that to you? Not all sourcing agents have access to suppliers that cater to large-scale orders. Make sure you are aware of their capacity and that they can find a supplier or manufacturer that can process your requirements on time.