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How to Identify Trends and Capitalize on Them

By Jesus David Cano Romano
October 13, 2017

In this day and age, news spreads quickly. Everyone wants to be the first one to know about that new trend which has taken the internet by storm. In this modern age, a head start of only a few hours can be the difference between edging out competitors and being left in the dust. Because of this, we are showcasing a few different ways to stay ahead of trends in order to live your best life and capitalize on what’s popular for business or personal reasons.

Use Google keywords. This service has been used by many to look at what people are searching for. Buzzwords are easy to identify with this service, and you can usually get an idea of whether or not something will continue to explode in popularity or not. Another paid service that is useful is buzzsumo, a data analytics company that displays which content performs well across multiple platforms. The site identifies which topics are building tractions and which ones are dying out.

Social media is definitely a goldmine for finding out new trends. Platforms such as Reddit and Twitter both have trending sections where the latest, most popular news is displayed. Facebook has a trending section personalized to you, which can sometimes produce insights.

There are also many, many people on the internet who say they have insight into what will be popular in the future. Taking what they have to say into consideration, but also doing your own research and looking at data to form your own conclusions is key when examining their words. Media influencers often work across multiple different platforms these days, and following them across all of them will make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

When you know what is going to trend, and are looking to capitalize on this information, use resources to help with any aspect of the buying and selling process.