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A Guide – Importing from China

Boost Your Importing Company in China with These Tips

Dubbed the manufacturing capital of the world, China can produce virtually any product you can think about, and do so cheaper than any other country. Whether sourcing and importing goods from the country, selling private label products through any retail capacity, or exploring different sides of the Chinese manufacturing business, here are some tips to help you get the most out of the Chinese manufacturing scene:

  • Relationships carry great weight. The Chinese culture puts a heavy weight on established relationships. If you want a successful experience with a Chinese manufacturer, make sure to lay down a strong foundation for your relationship by visiting their factory and establishing a close personal relationship with them. This will not only strengthen your partnership but will also help you get in on the nitty-gritty of the manufacturing process. Having a close partnership with your Chinese manufacturer also puts you in a great position to negotiate costs, as well as to protect the general welfare of your business as well as your intellectual property.

  • Language can be a real barrier. For a successful partnership with the right China manufacturer, you may want to invest time learning not only the Chinese language, but the business jargon or at least hire someone who can effectively communicate your cause to your prospective partners. Trading companies make a great solution when it comes to sourcing manufacturing partners and arbitrating for companies who want to manufacture in China.

  • Quality assurance should go beyond a typical visual inspection of your manufactured product. You want to get a deeper look into prototypes and finished products so as to guarantee the overall quality of the products you invested in. This will help you discover faults in the design early on, possibly mitigating larger problems down the line.

  • Shipping can be an expensive endeavor because of all the added cost that could pile up beyond your typical shipping price.

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