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In-Production Inspection

Service Summary:

In-Production Inspection (IPI), also commonly called During Production Inspection (DUPRO) can be undertaken at any time throughout your production order (at your request) our most popular IPI order verification points are as follows:

 < 5% Produced – Initial Production Check or First Article Inspection
10-25% Produced
40-50% Produced – Mid-Point QC
75% Produced

The purpose of IPI activities is to identify any defects or deviations from your pre-defined quality parameters as early in the order process as possible.  If at any stage problems should occur C2W identifies the exact deviations and provides advice on the necessary corrective measures to get production back on track.

 Our Coverage Area

COverage area map new version11-01C2W Quality Control Inspectors operate primarily in the main industrialized coastal zones of China. Learn more…

 Our Inspection Standards

aql table c2w for web-01C2W Quality Inspectors use uses the recognized international Quality Control standard ISO 2859-1 during their routine product inspections. Learn more…