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Manufacturing in China: City Guide- Dongguan

By Jesus David Cano Romano
July 6, 2016
Manufacturing: Dongguan

Manufacturing in China offers thousands of opportunities. Knowing its cities better can help making the right choice of supplier with experience in your specific field of production.
China 2 West has sales and support offices around the world and multiple quality control and engineering locations within China, predominantly positioned close to manufacturing hubs. We want to provide a short introduction of the Chinese cities we’re operating in and show the city’s specializations of production.

The first city introduced is Dongguan. It’s located in Guangdong Province near Hong Kong and Guangzhou. In 2014 Dongguan ranked as the 14th most competitive city in China. It covers an area of 2465 square kilometer and has a population of 8,34 million inhabitants.
Dongguan Songshanlake Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone counts as major development zone consisting out of Songshan Lake New Zone and High Technology Development Zone.

Dongguan’s pillar industries are machinery, beverage processing, paper making, electronic information, food processing and textiles and garments. Other specializations available are bio-technology, advanced manufacturing and robots.

The city’s GDP accounts to 588.13 billion RMB, which amounts to a per capita GDP of 70,605 RMB. Exports in Dongguan are 97,067 and imports 65,430, which gives a trade balance of 31,637. Foreign direct investment is 4,529 million $.

Dongguan has a long history. As early as the Neolithic Period, it was already inhabited by primitive humans. During the Spring-and-Autumn Period and the Warring States Period (770-403BC), Dongguan was home to the Baiyue people. In BC215, Dongguan was controlled by Fanyu County of Nanhai Shire. During the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD25-189), Dongguan Shire was set up in the region. During the Jin Dynasty, Dongguan was governed partly by Panyu and party by Zengcheng. In AD 331, Bao’an County was set in the territory. In AD 757, Bao’an County was renamed Dongguan. In 1839, the wellknown Incineration of Opium during the Opium War took place in Humen Town of Dongguan.

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