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Manufacturing in China: City Guide-Shenzhen

Manufacturing in China offers thousands of opportunities. Knowing its cities better can help making the right choice of supplier with experience in your specific field of production.
China 2 West has sales and support offices around the world and multiple quality control and engineering locations within China, predominantly positioned close to manufacturing hubs. We want to provide a short introduction of the Chinese cities we’re operating in and show the city’s specializations of production.

Shenzhen is located in Guangdong province, near Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Hong Kong. In 1980, the first Special Economic Zone of China was built in Shenzhen, where special economic policies and flexible government measures are endowed.  Shenzhen was dubbed as China’s Silicon Valley due to high concentration of technology companies. Shenzhen covers an area of 2,050 square kilometer and has a population of over 10 million inhabitants. The city has three major development zones: the Shenzhen Free Trade Zone, the Shenzhen Export Processing Zone and the Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The Shenzhen Free Trade Zone consists of Shenzhen Yantian Port Free Trade Zone, Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone, Shenzhen Shatoujiao Free Trade Zone and Shenzhen Yantian Port Bonded Logistic Park.

Shenzhen’s pillar industries are computers manufacturing, electronics and telecommunications. Other specializations available are equipment manufacturing, information technology, warehousing, logistics, export processing, optical-mechanical-electronic integration and pharmaceuticals.

The city’s GDP accounts to 1,600 billion RMB, which amounts to a per capita GDP of 149,495 RMB. Exports in Shenzhen are 284,362 and imports 203,379 , which gives a trade balance of 80,983 million dollar. Foreign direct investment is 5,805 million dollar.

Shenzhen’s history traces back over six-thousand years. In Xia (2100-1600BC) and Shang Dynasties (1600-1100BC), Shenzhen was a base for ancient Baiyue Tribes. Later, in 1573, the country, Xinan, was set up in what is now known as Shenzhen and Hong Kong’s territory. In 1979, Shenzhen was renamed from Bao’an County to Shenzhen, and promoted to a prefecture level, under the direct control of Guangdong Province in May, 1980. Then, in August of the same year, the State Council and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China approved a plan to set up a Special Economic Zone in Shenzhen.


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