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Manufacturing in China: City Guide-Suzhou

Manufacturing in China offers thousands of opportunities. Knowing its cities better can help making the right choice of supplier with experience in your specific field of production.
China 2 West has sales and support offices around the world and multiple quality control and engineering locations within China, predominantly positioned close to manufacturing hubs. We want to provide a short introduction of the Chinese cities we’re operating in and show the city’s specializations of production.

Suzhou is located in Jiangsu province. It is situated on the shore of Taihu Lake in Jiangsu Province. It is called the “Oriental Venice” as 42% of the city is covered by water. Suzhou is easily accessible by air, rail and road from Shanghai. The city covers an area of almost 8,500 square kilometer and has a population of over 10 million inhabitants. Suzhou has four major development zones: China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park including Suzhou Industrial Park Export Processing Zone, Suzhou New District including Suzhou New District Export Processing Zone, Wujiang Export Processing Zone and Wuzhong Export Processing Zone.

The city’s pillar industries are equipment manufacturing, chemicals, electronics, metallurgy and textiles. Other specializations available are new materials, biotechnology, fine chemicals, information technology, precision machinery, precision engineering, opto-electro-mechanical, pharmaceuticals and mechanical electronic information.

Suzhou’s GDP accounts to 1,376 billion RMB, which amounts to a per capita GDP of 129,926 RMB. Exports in Suzhou are 181,178 and imports 130,128, which gives a trade balance of 1,050 million dollar. Foreign direct investment is 8,120 million dollar.

Suzhou, one of the oldest cities in the Yangtze River Basin, is the place where Wu culture originated. The Wu Culture, had great influence in the regions around Taihu Lake. The local tribes during the Shang Dynasty called themselves “Gou Wu.” Later, King Helu, during the Spring and Autumn Period established the “Great City of Helu” as his capital. During the Sui Dynasty, this city was renamed Suzhou.

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