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Analysis – Chinese Manufacturing

By Bryn Butler
May 30, 2018
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Complete Analysis of Manufacturing Solutions Available in China

Strong supply base, low salaries, solid engineering, impeccable technical skills, and high investment in infrastructure. These factors all make China the ideal platform for manufacturing in a variety of export goods and materials.


Foreign Investment 

International investment continues to fuel China’s export-based economy; while other players India, Brazil, and Russia challenge its dominance in the world of manufacturing and product development, the country remains to be an industrial giant offering a wealth of competitive manufacturing solutions to the world.


Western companies have many widely held beliefs about manufacturing goods in China. While conducting business in China is a tough nut to crack, it’s true that you stand to drastically reduce your production costs. China is investing heavily in its infrastructure.


The Belt and Road project in Central Asia aims to connect the ancient Silk Road between China, Europe, and the Middle East. While conventional container ships have reached a tonnage of 20,000. Now regularly make the voyage across the Pacific making the mass transit of your products faster and more cost-effective.


Quality Control

Dealing directly with manufacturing companies and factories in China may not always be your best way forward. This is where complete manufacturing solutions companies like China2West fit into the equation. Providing valuable support as you start your foray into the often-confusing world of Chinese business. They have over 13 years of experience in this field, dealing with in-house product development, factory Quality Control and supply chain management finding solutions for various clients across the Western Hemisphere.


Your Guide to navigate the grounds and take you through the wide array of manufacturing solutions China has to offer:


  • Manufacturers – Dealing directly with manufacturers best source for goods and enables you as a client, to increase your profit margin. Although, in China, this is easier said than done. language, quality, and regulatory differences can all make doing business in the region near-impossible without the co-operation of a respectable sourcing company.
  • The key to a satisfactory relationship with Chinese manufacturers is finding the right factory with the right expertise in manufacturing the kind of goods you require—all at the best contract price. A lot of business owners turn to manufacturing factories because of their affordability, although going the manufacturer directly doesn’t necessarily guarantee the lowest price in some cases often its negotiation, and thus personal relationships that can make or break any deal. China2West has worked on these relationships for more than a decade. Making sure that your product is delivered to specification, on time and on budget.


  • Trading companies – Trading companies typically specialize in a particular field. They are usually the best partners to turn to when seeking out specific goods. Their network is often composed of numerous importers. Trading similar goods with direct and long-established links to a great number of factories that produce these products. With great expertise in specific products, thus enabling them to provide advice as to the best way to customize goods, improve their scalability, and boost your bottom line.


  • Sourcing companies – Sourcing companies, similar to trading companies, but with a greater range of local contacts and dynamic business model. As a western owned and managed Manufacturing & Vendor Management, Quality Control and Product Development Company based in Zhuhai China2West
  • While they may not have the same depth of knowledge about certain niches as traders do, they specialize in other important parts of manufacturing, such as supply chain logistics and production processes. They also take care of quality control and can represent your interest in case of any dispute in the manufacturing process.