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Our Story: The Challenge of a Lifetime

By Bryn Butler
May 24, 2018
The Three Blokes

Why attempt this insane challenge in the first place?

Mark Jacobs’ father Keith Jacobs was sadly diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in April 2017 and after almost 10 months of chemotherapy, his family was given the devastating news that the treatments had been ineffective and would be ceased from that point onwards.

Mark’s dad has always been a fighter and rather than give up hope he pushed for a referral to apply for the National Lung MATRIX Trial, an ongoing research program looking at a number of new drugs to treat non-small cell lung cancer.

He was subsequently invited to the Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff in late January of this year for a consultation and testing process to formalize his application.

 It really was his only ray of light in a difficult period and even right through to the end he never gave up the belief that he would improve enough to make it to the trial.

So… Why did we choose the Velindre Cancer Centre?

The Velindre Centre, a specialist cancer treatment center located on the perimeter of Cardiff is one of the largest NHS cancer centres in the UK, providing services to over 1.5 million people since 1994 across South East Wales and the rest of the UK.

The center introduced a new cutting-edge radiotherapy technique in 2015 using its recently acquired a linear accelerator which sends high doses of radiation to tumors, causes less damage to surrounding healthy tissue than conventional radiotherapy.

Not only does this equipment improve treatment outcomes but means hundreds of patients no longer must travel to England to receive specialist care. However, this equipment is expensive to operate so the Centre continues to rely on public donations to fund its activities. Therefore, this challenge is necessary to ensure specialist care can continue to be there for the people of South Wales.

What’s our Goal then?

The challenge will be for Nick Cunningham, Mark Clayton and Mark Jacobs to summit Mt. Apo (Philippines), Kinabalu (Malaysia) and Rinjani (Indonesia) within one week beginning the 13th of June 2018. The ‘3 Peaks 1 Week’ event will be in honor of Mark Jacobs father as Mark plans to place some of his father’s ashes on each of the peak’s summits.

The 3 Guys have expressed their wish to raise £10,000 to be equally split between the Velindre Cancer Centre and St. Jude’s Children’s research hospital, so your support is vital to the success of this challenge!

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“This world-class technology enables us to deliver safer, more effective, and more convenient treatment to patients in Wales.”

– Dr Jacinta Abraham –