Outsourcing to China
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Outsourcing to China – Benefits and the Role of China 2 West

Outsourcing to China can offer your business efficiency, higher profits and quality. Listed below are some of the key benefits.

Comparative advantage

China offers the manufacturing industry a comparative advantage when sourcing here. The competition from the population size and the highly skilled workers offer high quality and innovative manufacturing at bargain prices. Source in China and they could offer you around 30-50% lower costs than what you are currently paying as well as offering a whole new range of advanced goods.

Top class infrastructure

China also offers incredible infrastructure reducing transport time for the movement of goods and providing the resources needed to deal with large scale manufacturing output. The quicker and cheaper you can ship your products, the more profitable your business will be. Infrastructure is continually improving in China with projects such as the HZMB under construction. In fact, China spend more on infrastructure than the US and Europe combined.

Save time with a highly efficient workforce

We all know that time is money, so why not save time? From experience, we know that Chinese companies are super-efficient and quick compared to the West regardless of your companies size. Despite the common belief that this may be due to unfair workload and hours on their labour force, this in fact largely false, especially when you choose the right manufacturers. Having visited many Chinese factories first hand, I can assure you that their workers are fairly paid, meet realistic targets and have sufficient regulations in place to assure they are treated safely and fairly.


Rather than asking “what is made in China nowadays?” The better question is “what isn’t made in China today?” China has sustained its manufacturing reputation not only because it is cheap and offers high quality but they also offer decades of experience as a global manufacturing hub. This is why 400 of the top 500 businesses in the world have chosen to invest and manufacture in China.

How C2W can help you outsource to China

Above are a few of many clear reasons why so many successful companies are outsourcing to China. But despite all the benefits outsourcing here is far from easy.  That is why we strongly encourage you to use our services to assist you in understanding the Chinese business culture and get the best possible deals for your company. 

In the 12 years of our existence we have built a strong reputation offering expertise services within design, development, prototyping, tooling, production, quality control, certification and logistics in 6 countries across the world where we