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Are you looking for a low cost, reliable and all-inclusive solution for development, quality manufacturing services and supply chain management in China?

Many people try going directly to a China manufacturing company but without the transparency, trust and eyes & ears on the ground it unfortunately often ends in poor quality manufacturing services.

China 2 West is your one stop solution provider for all your product design, development, manufacturing, quality control and logistical requirements.  With our HQ in China we offer competitive and quality manufacturing services including factory audits, sourcing and assistance in building a reliable supply chain for private labels. With access to a vast database of legitimate and capable China manufacturers and suppliers, China 2 West will guarantee success in China.

As a British owned and managed China manufacturing solutions provider, we are able to offer western standards of service and quality whilst maintaining that competitive China price. C2W also offers a host of product/service sourcing solutions through our verified list of manufacturing companies in China and quality control experts to ensure clients receive good quality products without the usual risk and hassle in China.

Our greatest assets in China manufacturing are our on the ground presence of highly skilled operatives, network of trusted China manufacturers and suppliers and wide ranging experience in a vast array of different products and China manufacturing processes.

China 2 West has the ability to deliver supply solutions and China manufacturing services that match the quality standards of the west. Our range of services include:

Supply Chain Management and China Manufacturing Solutions

Risk Free China Product Supply

Full Project and Factory Management Services

Onsite Quality Assurance and Control

Supplier Verification and Factory Audits

• Logistics Coordination and Support

In-house Product Design and Development

Prototyping Solutions – including the latest 3D printing techniques

Laboratory Testing and Product Certification to Internationally Recognized Standards

Access to a vast network of reliable China manufacturing companies and service providers

Affordable sourcing of raw material, products and services from local vendors

Market consultation and troubleshooting guidelines

Team of educated and experienced, Mandarin speaking experts to support your market dealings

Private label manufacturing and project management support

• Tooling and mold creation support

In short, our range of quality manufacturing services and skills ensure that C2W will help you to safely navigate the murky world of China supply and succeed where many fail.

So what are you waiting for?  Stop your search for manufacturing companies in China now and contact us today to see how we can help you as a China manufacturing company.

If you are looking for speed, quality and transparency from a China manufacturing company, then look no further than China 2 West.

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