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Planning and prototype

By Jesus David Cano Romano
July 7, 2017


Product development and prototyping represent one the core services of our company.

The in-house prototyping services in our Zhuhai HQ and the partnership with a local facility  in the city, increase our competences and skills in the project management field.

Our first aim is that every project should be realised in terms of time, cost, quality.

A designable start and end point, a clear objectives and the right allocation of resources are the priorities that strives our team to reach high standards of performance.

Because every project involve change and a certain degree of uncertainty, this is why we at China 2 West  provide help to eradicate design errors particularly during the conceptual phase. We also, at the same time, focus on risk management, trying to identifying, analysing, and responding to project risks in order to decrease their likelihood, impact and effects.

Allow time for planning before get started, focusing on scheduling and controlling to meet project objectives are characteristics that make our projects successful and valuable.

Another peculiar function that characterised our high skilled team concern the use of rapid prototype. This means, the analysis of the project’s design on a computer in order to observe its form, and make sure nothing is going wrong, but as planned.

This it has been possible only because of our investment in American 3D printing technology that has allowed us to print 30cm3 prototypes and analyse the product designs.

In conclusion, the utilisation of rapid prototype and quality assurance with QC inspections, are services that make our business unique and rare in the market. In this way, it has been  possible for us to gain a position of  competitive advantage not only in the Chinese manufacturing industry but also worldwide.

C2W is not just a company, it’s  the key for your future!