Press Releases

November 23, 2015

CTC Visit to Pingsha & Donation to Underprivileged Students – November 2015

Wednesday 18th November was a happy and emotional day. CTC Members Mark,... Read More
September 25, 2015

Come Together 2015, The 4th Annual Charity Music Festival 2015 一起来吧慈善音乐节收入报告 Total Money Raised 2015

Come Together 2015 Charity Music Festival was a huge success. Thank you to... Read More
September 5, 2015

Come Together Charity Music Festival 2015

Next Saturday September 12th will be held the 4th Annual Come Together... Read More
August 30, 2015

Come Together 2015 Press Conference

On Tuesday 18th August we invited the largest media and press groups in... Read More
June 12, 2015

China2West 10 year anniversary party

Last Saturday the 6th of June was China2West 10 year anniversary, it was... Read More