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Product Development in China – Benefits and Reasons

By Jesus David Cano Romano
August 1, 2016
product development

China has evolved as one of the largest global product development hubs and with its booming manufacturing sector, has established itself as one of the biggest players for new product development. With the emergence of numerous technically advanced manufacturing and production units, development of products has seen a considerable upswing in terms of quality, finance, and innovation.

All you need to do to leverage this advantage the country offers is to find the right manufacturer to work with and ensure a better quality product flow into the market with your brand name. Some of the major benefits that a company derives from using China-based product developers include:

  • Low-Cost Production: China is a diverse marketplace where companies invest to benefit from low-cost production. This is achieved by associating with a company that sources your production to the manufacturing units. You get the same product development services that you will get in the west but at a much lower price.
  • Cheaper Workforce: Manpower is the most important and the most expensive asset in the production process. Outsourcing production and development to China reduces the overall cost of by a significant amount. The dedicated employees take pride in working rigorously to deliver a desirable quality product for their customer.
  • Diversification of Business: Associating with China-based companies gives you insights into development trends around the globe. This is because companies all over the world outsource the production to China. This helps you to understand the future trends and forecasts, and you can incorporate these insights into product development strategies that are bound to make your business flourish.
  • Timely Product Development: The Chinese companies focus on timely quality product development. These companies have evolved work ethics that prescribe a time-bound development process. This helps you to gain more time and earn larger profits.
  • Technological Advancement: China is now one of the global hubs of technology. It has experienced considerable technical advancements over the past few years. These advancements have been in terms of innovation and strategic development across every sector like automotive, aeronautics, software development, etc. These advancements have also carried over to product development and firms are able to create new technologically advanced designs and launch them much faster.
  • Increased Market Scope: Outsourcing production to China increases the scope of acceptability of the product among users. The development process involves the collaboration of ideas and trends from the best minds and this makes the product more desirable.
  • Quality Assurance: The product development process in China concludes with detailed quality checks of the finished product. This is done by third party professionals and provides an unbiased feedback of the product. You get a product that not only works well but which has been properly vetted.
  • Effective Management: Product development in China involves a third party that helps manage the process. This allows for hassle-free development within the given timeframe.