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Quality Control in China

By Bryn Butler
June 11, 2018

Parameters Of Quality Control In China

Quality control is an important term when it comes to the manufacturing process in China. The quality control services in China are providing quality assurance of the product. The inspector is responsible for the inspection of product quality before it can go in the market. The inspection usually includes testing, examination and gauging the product characteristics. The inspector then compares the outcomes with pre-mentioned requirements. This checking occurs when the product is 80% completed. The agent will provide a report on a daily basis in China. The inspection covers supplier routine review, on-site testing of the product sample and off-site testing.

In China, quality control services provide several benefits to the companies, but it comes with certain limitations, if you desire to buy a product in China, assurance of quality control is necessary.

  • Corruption or interest conflict: You may have hired an independent inspector for the purpose of quality control inspection. In reality, the truth can be different from your perception. There can be businesspersons who would pose to serve your interest. You might pay the inspector whole amount, the gifts and other things are also given by these executives to your hired person. Such gifts may include meals, travel, accommodation, or entertainment. The interest of the inspector may divide and corruption can occur if the company desires to serve their interest.

  • Weak plan of inspection: Even if you hire the inspection agency, you are responsible to provide them the well-defined plan of execution. It includes your expectations from the outcomes. Your plan can include the strategies and point that can define your product quality. You can also determine the procedures of the policies of the product quality.

  • Commitment: Sometimes, even if the plan goes right, the supplier may lack commitment to the manufacturing of the products. They may also use the raw materials of their own. They may also disrupt the product timeline. For this purpose, you can have the commitment talk with the supplier before doing anything else.

  • Responsibility: If everything goes wrong and the outcome is not your expectation, the product would ultimately be your responsibility. Even if the inspection get passed using tricks and you have a product full of errors, the suppliers would not take the responsibility. Production in China offers affordability and comfort, but it comes with a price. Usually, quality control is necessary after every production to check the outcome. However, certain parameters can limit the quality control services in China and you can get misguided.