Rapid Prototyping Services in China

China 2 West offers in-house prototyping services in China from our Zhuhai HQ. We have invested in American manufactured 3D printers allowing us the capability to print prototypes of up to 30cm cubed with a same day service. This is a great as a standalone service or to aid our engineers in general design work, DFM (design for manufacture) and fault finding.

In addition to this we’ve partnered with a local facility in Zhuhai allowing us to take advantage of a vast range of prototyping abilities, including: SLA and SLS Rapid Prototyping, Injection Molding, CNC Machining, Aluminium Tooling, Silicone and Rubber Molding, Clay Molding and even 3D Scanning/Printing.

Our C2W design engineers and industrial designers in China can use a range of engineering software including Solid Works, AutoCad, ProE and more meaning designs can not only be created but also edited and tweaked before and after printing of a prototype.

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However, you need to understand that there is a difference between rapid prototyping and prototyping. We at China 2 West help you to eradicate design errors during the conceptual phase itself, thus we provide rapid prototyping services that promotes fast product development; minimizes time consumption, risks and wastage; hence maximizes profits. Our reliable team of rapid prototyping engineers work closely with clients, making sure that their products are being as per their specifications. We have the latest machines and technology – providing highest level of accuracy, on-time and cost-effective delivery.

In the world of engineering and manufacturing, accuracy and appropriateness of the product design is of paramount importance. Before finalizing the product layout, it becomes necessary to check if things are working as per expectations. For this very purpose, prototypes are extensively used. Analyzing a design on a computer and seeing it in tangible form are two different experiences. The flaws or inconsistencies that were missed while creating a product design on a computer become instantly visible in a prototype. Our team at China 2 West understands this fact all too well, which is why we offer you many conveniences to get your design just right.

Being the leading rapid prototyping manufacturers in China, we operate from our Zhuhai HQ to provide you with a host of different solutions to perfect your product design. These include:

  • Injection modelling
  • CNC machining
  • Aluminium tooling
  • SLA and SLS rapid prototyping services in China
  • Silicone and rubber modelling
  • Clay modelling
  • 3D screening and printing

We would like to draw special attention to our 3D printing capabilities. Having invested in American 3D printing technology, we now have the capability of printing 30cm3 prototypes to accurately represent your product designs. Our China prototype manufacturing services will enable you to identify improvements in your products without compromising on economies of scale. C2W offers the most competitive team of rapid prototype manufacturers in China for all you’re your DFM requirements.

What more can you ask for! You would not need to look anywhere else if you need assistance with product designing for manufacturing. Trust C2W’s China prototype manufacturing services for all solutions under one roof!