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China is a vast country and production is booming. Industry in China is extremely diverse and it is possible to source or manufacture almost anything you mayrequire. However, although China may hold the key to many lucrative business opportunities, China's legal, political and economic environment along with communication issues, the existence of 'Guanxi' and enormous cultural differences all combine to make sourcing a reputable Chinese supplier from outside of China virtually impossible.

Services provided by China 2 West can help you to overcome these difficulties. With offices around the world we immediately bridge the gap and can offer uninterrupted lines of communication between East and West. Western managers in our China office implement Western service standards whilst our Chinese employees play the invaluable role of breaking down barriers of communication and understanding with our manufacturing partners. In terms of quality control we are able to apply processes to eliminate non-conforming product and share our understanding of the values demanded by the Western Market. It is our aim and mission to provide all our services with Western Service and at a China Price, helping you to achieve what you cannot through lack of presence in China. We are your eyes and ears on the ground and not just a supplier, but your manufacturing partner in China.

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