C2W Services - US Logistics


vtradelogo_275China 2 West has partnered Vtrade Company Ltd. in the Bahamas to offer our US clients a wide range of logistics services.


Vtrade Company Ltd. is a value based distributor providing retailers across the Americas access to more than 10,000 products at prices significantly lower than alternative sources.  This is achieved by buying quality products in bulk and efficiently managing every aspect of our cost from the manufacturer to our Customer’s door step.  We buy trailer loads directly from the factory so our Customers can buy case packs at the lowest possible price within days of when they need it.  We understand the Caribbean market because we are in the Caribbean market.


Vtrade’s Sales team is dedicated to providing its customers with the best products and support.  Vtrade wants to understand its Customer’s needs and find solutions through its vast universe of manufacturers.  Vtrade has emerged as a viable alternative to more costly mainland distributors and co-operatives.


Vtrade is based on a 20 acre site in the free trade zone of Freeport, Bahamas.  Our 100,000 square foot distribution center is a world class facility neighboring one of the largest container ports in this hemisphere.   With no corporate taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, customs duties, export taxes or trade burdens, Vtrade is able to compete with global leaders in the distribution of all its selected products.  Our state of the art enterprise management and hand held computing systems enables our team to provide the highest level of service to our Customers every day.


Vtrade’s partners in logistics and quality control assure we obtain quality at its source and provides for efficient packing and shipping from factories to our Freeport distribution center.


Vtrade’s business philosophy can best be summed up with its simple mission statement:


Value Through Efficiency.


Find out more about Vtrade by visiting their website, click here.