C2W Services - Product Development

i2d_284_284China 2 West offers Product Development services that include, Industrial Design, Electronic/Electrical Product Development and Technical Design Evaluation.  These services are offered through C2W's design consultancy i2design.asia

The consultancy also offers other services including Graphic Design, Logo and Packaging Development as well as Layout Design for catalogues, literature or websites.

i2design.asia prides itself on taking virtually any idea at any stage in its development, from concept to technical evaluation and providing the client a fully developed design regardless of its purpose while doing so at a fraction of the cost its western based rivals can offer.

i2design.asia can provide you with developed designs, product solutions, technical drawings and mold designs on a consultancy basis where the customer maintains full rights and ownership of the design and all information is subject to strict confidentiality agreements that cover not just the China 2 West Group but also future potential manufacturers of the product after its development.

The Group have experience in designing plastic, rubber, textile, metal, electrical, electronic and wooden products as well as expertise in LED lighting and GPS tracking, showing a breadth of experience within the world's manufacturing hub that is hard to challenge.

If you have a great idea and some financial backing, contact us for some advice, a quotation and a possible feasibility study.

i2design.asia, innovating ideas.