C2W Services - Laboratory Testing

testing_284Testing of any product, raw material or other part is a necessary requirement in providing quality assurance to clients and ensuring the safety of the end user. It’s always an issue of enormous importance, particularly given the huge damage that has recently been inflicted on the reputation of companies who have previously been sourcing from China. C2W can arrange for appropriate tests to be performed on a wide range of materials, products, product lines, prototype creations and services.

C2W can advise clients and their suppliers on all government and industry regulations. Using internationally approved methods, standards, equipment and guidelines, C2W arranges for the testing of consumer products, commercial products, commodities, and raw materials for compliance and suitability against regulatory requirements so that every client can be sure the product being manufactured is safe and fit for purpose and sale.

We only use worldwide accredited and authorised laboratories for testing and all originals of certificates and reports can and will be sent to clients upon request.

Please download our 2010 Laboratory Testing Services PDF for more detailed information.