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Sourcing Agents in China – Why Hire Them?

Chinese manufacturing companies are popular throughout the world for their efficiency in reducing production costs by almost 25% to 50%. However, international buyers keen to work with Chinese manufacturing companies need to hire sourcing agents in China. Though it is not mandatory under law, but it is recommended because there are plenty of benefits when you have the right sourcing agent working on your behalf in China.

  1. They offer wholesome support so that you can save costs and time. Imagine traveling through the length and breadth of China looking out for the right supplier. Not only will the traveling and hotel costs work out to be expensive, you would also not be aware of the local language and the work culture making you an easy prey to scrupulous people who may misguide to earn some quick money. Other than this, you would need a local person to guide you through the various cities and industrialized zones in the search for the right manufacturing unit. All this is risky as well as time-consuming and involves lots of unwanted expenses. Local sourcing agents in China would not only have first-hand knowledge about manufacturers, suppliers and industry specific work environments, they would also have an eye for the most viable quotations and production capabilities.
  2. Sourcing agents in China are reputed to offer one-stop solutions to their buyer counterparts. In this way, they eventually end up acting as your local representative in the country and with proper working relations, their entire work will be focussed to bring to the table, the most lucrative offers, the best quality products, the best manufacturing units and the best quality raw materials for your production job.
  3. Working as your local representative, the outsourcing agents in China will ensure that the communication between your in-house units and that of the supplier is crisp and clear for they will, on your behalf communicate with the supplier in the local language and revert back to you in professional English language.
  4. Choosing the right outsourcing agent in China is of great essence because they audit the factory site on a regular basis and have quality inspections done to ensure that the production process is foolproof.