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The advantages of working with an agency in China

By Jesus David Cano Romano
March 2, 2016
Working together

There are many advantages of working with an agency in China. We have some of the key points listed here, that summarize how an agency can help you make your life easier when you’re planning on manufacturing in China.


1) Understanding of business functions

A good agency understands how business works. Because of many years of experience an agency knows exactly where problems may occur and how to prevent them. This can save you valuable time and money.

2) Language and culture

Chinese culture is very much different from the Western standards. On top of that, the struggle with the language doesn’t make it any easier to get a foot in the door. In an agency based in China there is a high chance of Chinese natives working there as well as natives from your home country. Take advantage of these sources. They know the culture and the language and can keep you from typical pitfalls arousing from lack of knowledge.
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3) Security

There is always a risk that something goes wrong. Finding a solution on your own may work but it’s mostly very time consuming. With an agency you have people on your side helping you to solve potential issues. Also you can pass on risk to your agency, for example by letting them do quality control. In case there’s any issue with the supplier, it’s nothing you have to worry about.

4) Contract

Another crucial part, where a lot of things can go down the tubes is the contract. Agencies know what to pay attention to, so this doesn’t happen. Also, when there is an issue regarding fulfillment of the contract with the supplier, an agency knows which steps to take next.

5) Quality systems

You can best assure that your products have the demanded quality by being on site. This is for many companies difficult to realize and is affiliated to a lot of effort. Further than that, the quality control is not a one-time event but an ongoing process. An agency in China is able to control the quality on a regular bases, before broken or wrong parts get shipped anywhere.
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For the reasons mentioned above, it makes perfect sense for many companies to work with an agency in China. Now, the important crux is to find not only a good agency, but also the right agency for your product. Choose an agency that has experiences in your field of production and that has good references.
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