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The Booming Industry of Promotional Products in China

By Jesus David Cano Romano
September 29, 2017
promotional products

Across the world, the design, manufacture, and distribution of promotional products is an ever-growing industry, making it an ideal prospect for any business entrepreneur. With promotional products being an important part of businesses (studies confirm that at least 75 percent of trade show visitors walk away with promotional gifts and perceive exhibiting companies positively because of promotional products), they are without a doubt, among the most lucrative ventures to get into for any budding entrepreneur. Moreover, there are countless inexpensive items and memorabilia that you can peddle and distribute to corporations, clubs, schools, political campaigners, sports institutions, and all other types of organizations, ranging from clothing to electronics, and everyday items and accessories—the best of which can be found in China. How do you go about the promotional products industry? Below are some useful insights:


  • Establish manufacturing ties. China is a manufacturer’s haven because of the low production costs in the region. Not only is the country great because of low-priced products, manufacturers there have also perfected the entire production process, giving you a leg up in the business.
  • Working with a complete manufacturing solutions company is also advisable, especially when you need help and understanding of the different stages of the manufacturing and distribution processes. China manufacturing service providers offer a range of helpful services like product supply, general merchandising and manufacturing solutions, supply chain management, quality assurance and control, logistics coordination, supplier verification, prototyping, and more.
  • Expand your prospects by researching other product types you could sell. China is a treasure trove of all kinds of export goods that are perfect for use as promotional products and giveaways.
  • Finally, know your target market and potential customers so you can anticipate and better provide for their needs. Promotional products are quite simple in that their main purpose is to put your clients’ name, logo, and branding in front of customers.