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Tips on Selecting a Reliable Wholesale Supplier in China

By Jesus David Cano Romano
November 25, 2016
Wholesale Supplier

Selecting the right wholesale supplier in China is the key to ensuring your products reach the customer on time. An unreliable wholesale supplier who cannot deliver on his / her promises is one to be avoided. Whether you are sourcing buttons for your latest fall range or engine parts for complex drilling machinery from China, knowing that the products will be delivered on time will help you stick to the original timeline, negate cost escalations and enhance your business and professional prospects.

Here is how you ensure that you select a reliable wholesale supplier:

Look online for candidates

This may sound like a worn cliché but looking online will help you find 10-15 names that you can check more. It is better to look at companies that have a professional presence on the internet as it indicates a seriousness of their work and a dedication to being good at what they do.

Read the reviews

This may again sound like common sense but you will be surprised at how many businesses only rely on what the suppliers say before they hire them. Reading the reviews and what credible customers must say is a good idea. Though skeptics may doubt the veracity of reviews, a company with quite a few reviews is likely to be a safe bet. Also, a firm that responds to negative reviews in a proactive manner is a good bet.

Look at their capabilities

Chinese wholesale suppliers cater to the whole world and your order may get lost in the rush of larger orders. You may end up with defective products, bad quality items or things that do not meet your required specifications. A firm that has the capability to handle all types of orders, meet stringent specification requirements and yet deliver on time is one that you should hold on to.

Inform them of your concerns

If you are dealing with them for the first time, you are likely to have various concerns on a range of points. Clarifying them well in advance is a smart move as otherwise an environment of assumptions and suppositions is created that does not help matters. Ask them specific questions such as the source of the materials, type of quality checks done, audits undertaken, how they handle logistics and shipping, etc. before you pick them as your wholesale supplier.