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Top Seven Tips when Purchasing Promotional Products from China

Businesses of all sizes today are looking for unique and cost effective ways to promote their business. Modern advertising of goods and services involves the use of promotional products. A promotional product plays a crucial role in company brand awareness, development, and growth and helps it gain an advantage over its competitors. These products are also necessary for endorsing various events such as exhibitions and presentations.

Shopping for promotional products seems like tons of fun until you realize you have no clue what would be best for your business and where to get it from. China is the leading market for manufacture of such products and is the best place to source your promotional items. The country manufactures diverse merchandises, and it is not difficult to find a producer of promotional products that suits your budget. However, any business needs to consider some important tips while choosing these items. Here are seven tips to consider while purchasing promotional products from China:


  • Quality of the item is the most important factor while choosing a product. While purchasing a promotional item, make sure that the Chinese company uses the latest technology, equipment, and modern manufacturing methods. This ensures the product is top notch.

  • It is always great to mention your requirements for the product. Make it clear whether it is for kids or grown-ups. Not informing such key points would not allow the factory to understand your needs and you are likely to get items that are very different from what you had in mind.

  • You should select your promotional merchandise based on the strategy of the promotion. Short-term promotions will need different products than ones meant for long-term brand management.

  • The impact of packaging on promotional products also plays an important role. There is a strong mechanism for driving up perceived value.

  • Choose a promotional product based on the kind of message it will deliver. For instance, factors such as whether the item is for a new client, company anniversary, festival or for any other reason, will help you decide which items will work. Limit your selection based on the message it will convey.

  • The objective of the promotional product is an important aspect to consider. A promotional item to reward customers will have to different from one that is given away for free at a product launch.

  • If the promotion is to seek a higher number of sales leads, work with designers of such products to make a unique item. Most Chinese companies will offer in-house design services that you can use to get a superior promotional item for yourself.


Anything from a coffee mug to a television set can be used as a promotional product. Unlike other advertising techniques, promotional merchandise offers versatility and cost effectiveness along with definite value for recipients. Find a China-based consultant today to help you identify the best promotional product manufacturer for your needs.

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